14 May 2015
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An Egyptian squadron under Hurshit made its appearance off Kasos and bombarded the island. The Kasians, reinforced by 600 Cretans, responded to the enemy bombardment. The Egyptian flagship Africa hit an underwater reef and the remaining vessels left for Suda in Crete.

After the occupation of Athens and Piraeus Greece was forced into neutrality by Britain and France. The Greek government was reshuffled and the Greek units that were sent to support the rebels in Epirus and Thessaly were called back.

Fort Rupel surrendered to German and Bulgarian forces. The fort's commander, Major (Inf) Ioannes Mauroudes and the German Captain (Cav) Thiel signed the protocol for the fort's surrender, the inventory of remaining equipment and materiel and generally of all details relating to its evacuation. The invasion by the Germans and Bulgarians and the fort's surrender provoked feelings of profound indignation among all Greek people, especially among the inhabitants of border regions.

The 4th Infantry Regiment of the Hellenic Army occupied Aydin in Asia Minor.

After the Serres Division advanced to Komotene, it entered the town at 0900 hours and relieved the French garrisons. On the same day the 15th Infantry Regiment (Xanthe Division) landed in ' Alexandroupolis and relieved the French troops stationed there.

The German Luftwaffe began fierce bombing raids targeting the airports of Crete and the ports in Herakleion and Suda. This action interdicted the arrival of the greater part of the military supplies sent from the Middle East and destined for the defense of Crete.

Greek guerrilla elements of the Sacred Band of Paros (Greek acronym, ILP) attacked by surprise the garrison of the German airport there, neutralizing it and taking its commander prisoner.

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