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Epameinondas defeated the Spartans in Mantineia, making use of the oblique phalanx formation. However he was mortally wounded during the battle, and died.

The Greeks won a major victory against Latif Pasha who had left Chania at the head of 5,000 troops intending to crush the rebellion at Therisos.

The Battle of Peta. A force of 7,000-8,000 Turks attacked the Greek regular army and irregular units which were encamped in the village of Peta in Art a after the break up of the encampment of Plaka. The Greeks fielded a regular army force and a Philhel-lene unit under Andrea Dania, totalling 600 under the overall command of General Karl Normann, and irregular forces totalling 1,500 led by Varnakiotes, Markos Botsares, Gogos Bakolas, Andreas Iskos, Angeles Gatsos and Demos Tselios. Despite the heroism of the Greeks and Philhellenes, the Turks achieved their goal of crushing the Greek expeditionary force. Sixty-eight of the ninety-three Philhellenes were killed, as were one half of the Hep-tanesians and one third of the regular army unit including its commander Pietro Tarella. A large number of Greeks were taken prisoner. Turkish losses included about 1,000 killed.

Battle  of  Splantza.  A force   of  3,000-4,000  Turks  under Kehayabey of Hurshit Pasha attacked a Greek force of 500-600 Maniots, Souliots and men from Mesolongi under Kyriakoules Mauromichales and Ioannes Ratzekotsikas. The Greeks had land¬ed in the village of Splantza.. near the mouth of the Acheron river. During the hard-fought battle Kyriakoules Mauromichalqs was killed while Kehayabey was mortally wounded; as a result both opposing forces withdrew with the Turks having suffered fifty killed and the Greeks three.

The Hellenic Army's Division X occupied Kutahya.

A force of 5,000 EDES guerrillas, taking part in a plan to deceive the Axis forces as to the area of an Allied landing (Allied operation "ANIMALS") initiated extensive operations against the occupation forces, that lasted at intervals until the end of July. The fierceness of the attacks by the Greek guerrillas contributed to the complete success of the above plan resulting in the pinning down of ten German and ten Italian divisions and, in addition, of forwarding to Greece of two German armored divisions.

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