Chief of Staff

Major General Demestichas Petros
Chief of Staff of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff

Born on November 6th 1963 in Pireaus

Married and father of 3 daughters

SERVICE: Hellenic Army

ORIGIN: Hellenic Army Academy


2nd Lieutenant: 25/06/1985
1st Lieutenant: 08/07/1988
Captain: 07/08/1992
Major: 20/05/1998
Lieutenant Colonel: 26/04/2004
Colonel: 18/03/2010
Brigadier General: 14/03/2013
Major General: 03/03/2017

Basic and other Infantry Course
Special Forces Operations Course
Static line- Free Fall Parachutist Course
Navy Underwater Demolition Course
US Special Forces Officers Qualification Course
Army War College
Hellenic National Defence College
Defence against Suicide Bombing Course
NATO Information Knowledge Management Course
Master in Business Administration (Athens University of Economics and Business)
Applied Strategy and International Security Degree (Plymouth University)
Diplomatic and Strategic Studies Diploma (CEDE’S Paris)

Major General Demestichas Petros is the Chief of Staff of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) since the 30th of January 2019, upon the decision of the Governmental Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence. Major General Demestichas was born in Nikaia, Piraeus. He joined the Greek Military Academy (SSE) in 1981 and graduated in 1985 as a 2nd Lieutenant.

As a senior Officer he served in several SF units. From Aug 2000 until July 2001 he was Commander of the Special Airborne Unit (SOF). From August 2004 until August 2006 he was the Commander of the Greek Unconventional Warfare Training Center (KEAP). From August 2006 until July 2008 he was the Commander of the 2nd Parachutist Battalion. He also served as deputy commander and training Officer of the International Special training Centre, as Director Management of the NATO Allied Land Command and as a staff officer in plenty assignments of Greek Special Forces Brigades and Divisions.

As a general Officer he was appointed to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff as the Director of the Defence Policy Directorate from June 2014 until March 2015. In March 2015 he selected as the Commander of the 71 Airborne Brigade, until 2017. As Major General he was the Commander of the I Infantry Division from March 2018 until January 2019.

He has been awarded with all the decorations, commendations and medals pertinent to his rank and duties.

He speaks fluently English and working German.

Major General Petros Demestichas is married to Evgeneia Vasileiadou and has three daughters.

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