Deputy Chief of Defence

Lieutenant  General Georgios Paraschopoulos
Deputy Chief of the HNDGS

Lieutenant  General Georgios Paraschopoulos is the Deputy Chief of the HNDGS.

He was born in 1961, in Athens. He joined HAF Academy in 1978 and graduated in 1982 as Second Lieutenant.

He graduated from:
Air-to-Ground Offensive Operations School
Sea Survival Training School
Pilot’s Instructor School
Tactical Weapons School
Squadron Officer School (SOS/Air University)
Flight Safety School
NATO Staff Officer Orientation Course
NATO Nuclear Operations Course
Supreme Joint War College

Foreign Languages: English

His first assignment was on 115CW as a Pilot on 340 Squadron, where he remained before he took up the duties of Combat Flight Commander. He was then appointed as the Executive Officer of 115CW Transition Squadron, on A-7 aircraft. He served at the Air Force Command and Staff College as instructor. He was subsequently appointed in 116CW/336 Squadron as Executive Officer and he then took up the duties of Director at the Flight Safety Office of 116CW. He served as Commanding Officer of 335 Squadron, whilst he was  appointed as Operations-Training Director and Deputy Commander on 116CW. At HAFGS he has served as Head of the Department of International Relations, as well as the Department of Defense Planning. He served as Director of Branch B of Hellenic Tactical Air Force. Later on, he served as Director at the Chief of Staff Office of HAFGS, and subsequently as  the Director of Branch A of HAFGS. Before his assumptions of his current duties, he served as Chief of staff of HNDGS. He has also served at SHAPE as Staff Officer of Special Weapons Branch.

Flight Experience
He has completed more than 4100 flight hours.
He has flown: T-41D, T-37B/C, T-2E, A/TA-7,T-33A/B, C-130.

Career Advancement
Second Lieutenant : 26/05/1982
First Lieutenant : 31/05/1985
Captain : 08/06/1989
Major : 20/06/1994
Lieutenant Colonel : 29/04/1999
Colonel : 10/03/2005
Brigadier General : 15/03/2011
Major General : 12/03/2013
Lieutenant  General: 02/03/2015

Medals - Honors
Grand Commander of the Order Of Honor
Grand Commander of the Order of the Phoenix
Medal of Military Merit 1st Class
Commendation Medal "Cross of Merit and Honor"
Commendation Medal of Merit and Honor
Air Force Meritorious Command Medal 1st Class 
Staff Officer Service Commendation Medal 2nd Class

Lieutenant  General Georgios Paraschopoulos is married and has one daughter

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