20th Congress of Balkan Military Medical Commitee

20th Balkan Military Medical Committee (BMMC) Congress
June 08-11, 2015

The 20th BMMC Congress will be held in Thessaloniki on June 08/11, 2015 at hotel “Porto Palace”.

BMMC was founded during the second meeting in Thessaloniki, in November 1994, between the Balkan states of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. In 2008 Serbia's accession as a full member was signed and in 2009 the request of Albania as a new member was accepted.

The purpose of BMMC is to provide a framework for creative mutual cooperation on reciprocal base in the field of military medicine, preventive medicine, mass casualties, emergency medicine, medical surgery and internal medicine, aviation and diving medicine, mental health, nursing, veterinary, clinical research and studies.

The main topic of 20th BMMC Congress is “20 years of BMMC. Past, present, future”. During the scientific program, except of the sessions with oral and poster presentations, there will be organized two roundtables with the follow subjects: “Causes of secondary hypertension in young age groups of Armed Forces” and “The main zoonotic diseases, threat to public health”, with participation of lecturers and commentators from all Member Countries.

In addition, a hyper- realistic simulation seminar will take place, where participants will be able to apply various skills on how to treat different combat injuries in a stressful environment. A military medical student’s session will be organized for military medical and nursing students, while a meeting for the Chiefs of Delegations for discussion about “Preventive health examination of military personnel” will also be performed.

The opening ceremony will be held on 08 June in Officers Club by the presence of National Orchestra of Thessaloniki, whereas welcome reception will take place at the War Museum, where a performance with traditional Greek dancing will be presented. Congress will conclude with closing ceremony, which is scheduled on June 11, at the amphitheater of 424 General Military Training Hospital.

About 240 medical officers from BMMC Member Countries will attend the congress, as well as a delegation of ten officers from 30th Medical Brigade (USA Army in Europe), based in Sembach, Germany.

Participants will have the opportunity to exchange medical knowledge and experiences on the latest developments in their field and learn about the new techniques used in each country for further strengthening the friendly relationships between the Member Countries.


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