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    Joint Staff education up until the year 2003

    The education of officers up until the year 2003, was overlooked by the sub colleges of the College of War. (Army War College-AWC, Naval War College-NWC, Air Force War College-AFWC).

    The JCSD which has the size of Brigade, was founded in 1999 in Athens under the decision F.022/240726/S.183/12 Jan 1999/MoND for the soul purpose of providing joint staff education for senior officers of the Armed Forces (AF).

    The duration of studies at the College was three months with the potential of further extension, if so agreed upon by the Joint Chiefs of General Staff Council (JCGSC)., The College had two semesters each with 30-35 trainees at all levels, a number which was later increased upon.

    The JCSD provided education until the year 2002 when it disassembled under the decision  F.022/7/392062 / S.8/11Fev.2003/DMoND. since its purpose was no longer of any use, for the reason that the system of joint staff training was reorganized with the intension of it reopening in Sep. 2003 under the decision  7 / 29 July 2002/SAM.

    Founding of the Supreme Joint War College (SJWC)

    The Supreme Joint War College was founded under the decision of the Deputy Minister of National Defense (F.022/27/158782 / S.4405/25 Ioul2003/YETHA/GEETHA/DIDYP & ORG.)

    On Oct. 1,2003 the Law numbered 3186 was passed  (FEK230/First issue) for the founding  of  the SJWC.

    Sep. 9, 2003 was the date which was decided as the commencement of lessons for the first trainee class.

    The commencement ceremony took place on Oct. 27, 2003 with the Political and War Leaders of Ministry of National Defense present.

Main Entrance

    Headquarters of the College

    The SJWC is situated on the military camp "Brigadier Laskarides Constantine" in Thessaloniki, where the Supreme War College of the Army operated until the year 2003.



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