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The Supreme Joint War College is housed in the army camp "Brigadier Laskarides Constantinos", an area of 1910 m2, as well as other educational facilities and services of the Camp, with a total land area of 150,737 m2

The construction of the building began in 1911, while being under the Turkish Rule, with the purpose of housing the "New Agricultural School."

The camp was named after Brigadier Laskarides Knonstantinos who came from Meleniko Eastern Macedonia (today part of Bulgarian territory).


The building is neoclassical in style and is considered a representative sample of the architecture of the "European eclecticism." The floor plan is E-shaped consisting of a sub-basement, ground floor and a 1st floor.

The architectural design of the building is of an unknown architect, yet it resembles the architectural design of the Italian Vitaliano Poseli and is considered to be his own work. Commencement of its construction is believed to have taken place in 1911.


After the departure of the Turks from Greece in 1912, construction ceased. It was to be completed by the Military Authorities in 1927.

On January 7, 1928 the building suffered severe damage due to fire of unknown causes, rendering it unsuitable for use. The cost of renovation was 2.000.000drchs, a large sum of money for that time period.

In 1930 the required amount needed for the renovations was credited and the building assumed its initial form. In 1931 additional buildings were added to the camp in order to house Ancillary Army Services.

On June 7, 1988 the Ministry of Culture characterized the building as a "Work of Art" and its surrounding area as a "Zone of Protection". Any form of intervention (repair-maintenance-expansion) of the building can only occur under the approval of the 4th Ephorates of Contemporary and Modern Monuments of Thessaloniki .

Since it was built in1927 it has been used in various ways and has housed:
    a. The School of Technicians and the Infantry Reserve Officers School from 1934-1940.
    b. Supreme Army War College (SAWC) from 1939-1940.
    c. After the outbreak of the Greek – Italian war the building was used as nursing center for casualties and after the invasion of the German forces in Greece in 1941 it was used as an ordnance supply depot  by the German army. After the liberation of Greek territory from the Germans it housed the British - Indian Brigade and parts of the Greek Army (Thessaloniki – Athena Transit Camp). In the year 1948 the building returned to its former possessors, that is the Greek Army, and by 1950 the maintenance and restoration works caused during the war had been completed.

Between 1950 and 2003 the building was once again used to house the Supreme Army War College. Since 2003 the building has housed the Supreme Joint College of War.



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